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Mixed Martial Arts
Weight Loss

“StealthBoxer gives me the opportunity to have an intense cardio workout anytime of day, anytime of year right there in my bedroom”

“As a Mixed Martial Artist, StealthBoxer keeps me on top of my game. Being able to get some striking practice in anytime is priceless.”

“I love StealthBoxer because it helps me keep in shape even when I’m short on time. Something my waistline and wife are noticing.”

“He uses StealthBoxer when he’s looking for a workout, but it’s also great for when he’s bored or frustrated. I’m thrilled he has a healthy outlet for all that energy.”


StealthBoxer Installation Guide

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StealthBoxer Installation is easy, intuitive, and painless. This unit folds down giving you the first zero footprint punching bag.

The Door-Mounted Punching Bag

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