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StealthBoxer: The Door-Mounted Punching Bag

StealthBoxer is the door-mounted punching bag - Your Train Anywhere, Train Anytime Solution - perfect for: bedrooms, apartments, offices, home gyms and college dorms.

Slide the metal brackets onto any standard door, raise the support arm and you have a fully functional punching bag that folds flat when not in use!  Get a full cardio workout all in the comfort of your personal living space.​

StealthBoxer is ideal for:

  • Competitive Training

  • Physical Conditioning

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress Relief

  • Physical Therapy 

Door Mounted Punching Bag
Punching Bag for Men
Punching Bag for Women

Practice boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and other martial arts without need for the gym.

Work up a heart-pumping, calorie-burning sweat.

Had a bad day? Now you can strike, punch, and kick your stress away.

StealthBoxer is perfect for the beginner who may prefer working out in the privacy of their own home,

as well as the expert who can’t get enough training.

Gain confidence and a healthier lifestyle with StealthBoxer.

Choose StealthBoxer or StealthBoxer Pro


  • Free-hanging version for a full-body workout

StealthBoxer Pro

  • Includes additional bottom bracket and dual tension bands for increased resistance 

Designed & Made

in the USA

See What They Have to Say About StealthBoxer
Zero Footprint Design
Folds Flat When Not in Use

The Door-Mounted Punching Bag

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